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Have you been looking for the updated and latest code to transfer or share data on Glo, MTN, Airtel And 9mobile? They are now updated here.

You can now share data bundles to your loved ones, colleagues, well wishers, families, friends and acquaintances. It’s awesome and it’s refreshing.

You have to learn it now!

In one way and the other, you may want to transfer your data bundle from your network to other networks or to same network phone number. There is always a way.

The four telecom giant networks in Nigeria: Glo, MTN, 9mobile and Airtel all have a way to transfer or share data plan bundle.

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How To Share Or Transfer Data Plan Bundle On Airtel Network

Airtel has Data Gifting and Data Sharing features. Data gifting is a feature that enables you buy a data bundle for your friends, loved ones, colleagues and families. You don’t have to share your main data bundle.

While Data Sharing feature enables you share data bundle from your existing data to other numbers of the same network or other networks.

To Share Or Transfer Data Bundle On Airtel Using Data Gifting Method
  • Dial *141# and choose option 5 (data gift/share).
  • Then, choose Data Gifting option.
  • Enter the recipient number and on the next screen, choose a data plan bundle you wish to buy, and gift it to the person.
To Share Or Transfer Data Bundle On Airtel Using Data Sharing (Me2U) Method
  • If you love to share from your existing data bundle, kindly dial *141# and choose option 5 from the on-screen.
  • Then, choose ME2U option and enter the recipient number you wish to transfer the data bundle.

Note: To Transfer data bundle on Airtel, you have to change your TRANSFER PIN from the default 1234 to any password you love and can remember. Simply dial *141# and choose option 5 ( Data Gifting/ Share) and change password from the on-screen command. Least amount you can transfer is 200MB.

Now that you have learned how to transfer data bundle on Airtel network, you may wish to learn about other networks data transferring feature.

How To Share Or Transfer Data Plan Bundle On MTN Network

People loves MTN network but one disadvantage about the data sharing feature is that, you can only transfer SME data bundle on MTN BizPlus tariff plan. MTN doesn’t allow users to transfer Fastlink data bundles.

If you wish to buy data in bulk, simply dial *460# to migrate to MTN BizPlus to transfer your SME data bundle.

But MTN has released new feature called “Data Gifting” – this feature allows you buy data bundle for your friends and families. It means you will pay for data bundles on their behalf. It’s available for all MTN users.

To Gift data to your loved ones on MTN, simply dial *131*7#, select the data bundle you wish to transfer or gift and lastly, enter the recipient number.

Note: Data Gifting does not require any pin.

How To Share Data Plan Bundle On Glo Network

Amazingly Glo has Data Gifting and Data Sharing feature but the Data Sharing is a bit different from the way of other networks.

You can share data to 5 people on the Glo network. All you have to do is by following up these steps:

Data Sharing Feature On Glo

STEP 1: Dial *127*01*phone number# or through text message by sending “Share (Phone Number) to 127 to add people to your Glo Data Share.

For example, Dial *127*01*0815678××××#  or send “Share 0815678×××# to 127.

STEP 2: To remove people from your Glo data share, simply dial *127*02* phone number# or through text message by sending “Remove (Phone Number) to 127

For example: *127*02*0815678×××#  or send “Remove 0815678×××# to 127

STEP 3: And to list people sharing your Glo data subscription, simply dial *127*00# or send LIST to 127.

Data Gifting Feature On Glo

To gift a data bundle on Glo Network, simply dial *127*USSD-Plan-number*friend number# or send “Gift [Friend’s Number]” to 127

For example: Dial *127*58*0816578×××# or send “Gift [0816578×××] to 127 as SMS.

Now that you have learned the way on how to transfer data bundle on Glo network, let’s move to the next network.

How To Share Or Transfer Data Plan Bundle On 9mobile Network

9mobile has four transfer and data sharing methods and they are to make sure your data is shared successfully to your loved ones. Other networks still manages two methods.

The four methods are: Family Share Data Plan, Data Transfer, Multi-device Plan, and Data Gifting.

Now, let’s dive into them…

1. Using Family Share Data Plan Method: This allows you to allocate a portion of your shared data to maximum of five 9mobile numbers. Meanwhile, unused allocated data can be claimed back.

To activate, dial *917# and buy any desired standard data plan and dial *229*9*pin*data*recipient’s number*3# or simply dial *200# and follow the on-screen command.

2. Using Data Transfer Method: This allows you to transfer your data to another 9mobile number but maximum of 200MB can be transferred at a time and maximum of 1000MB can be transferred in a day.

To transfer, dial *229*pin*volume of mb*recipient’s number#

For example: *229*0000*40*08091262776#

3. Using Multi-Device Plan: This feature allows you to use one data plan on different devices. You can add up to 4 secondary/additional SIMs to the primary SIM.

Dial *215*pin*1*new number*new puk# and for subsequent SIM, replace ‘1’ with ‘2’, ‘3’ or ‘4’.

4. Using Data Gifting Method: This feature allows you to buy data bundle as a surprise to another user. You pay for the data while the other person receives it.

Dial *standard data plan code*recipient’s number# and for example, for 1GB data gift, dial *229*2*7*recipient’s number#

Now, you can share data bundle with your loved ones, colleagues and families. It’s very important because you alone may not be able to finish up that high volume of data plan bundle and your next option is to share.

I hope you have learned the steps on how to transfer data bundle to another user on all networks in Nigeria: Glo, Airtel, MTN and 9mobile? Now, what’s the issue you encountered and what’s your say?


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