How To Open A Lesotho Paypal Account That Sends And Receives Money In Nigeria

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As a Nigerian, you can now send and receive from international programs to your PayPal account using Lesotho Paypal method.

Nigerians are limited to only buy things online with their PayPal funds and also send to their loved ones but cannot receive money from international programs or even withdraw it.

I was trying to review more international online money making programs, just as I have reviewed Buzzbreak but people in Nigeria are unable to receive payment to their Nigeria PayPal account.

That’s too bad you know.

Moreover, Nigeria PayPal account has been limited from receiving payment. It can only send funds to other people’s PayPal account and can also be used to buy things online.

This makes it difficult for Nigerians to receive payment from high paying international affiliate programs, online survey apps that pays high and many others.

But, hurray!

You can now create a PayPal account using Lesotho as your country. Lesotho Paypal account has full PayPal features and it can send and receive money from international.

Just like this below: 


So, how can I create a Lesotho Paypal account in Nigeria?

For visual tutorial, kindly watch our YouTube Video on how to go about it…

Or, if you love reading an article, kindly proceed.

STEP 1: Firstly, enter this URL ( https://www.paypal.com/ls/webapps/mpp/merchant ) on your browser. Scroll down to check and make sure it has Lesotho country’s logo at the bottom.

Note: Always use this URL to login after you’ve created the Lesotho account, or always change PayPal country to Lesotho before logging in as not to recognize you as a Nigerian.

STEP 2: Then, tap on “GET STARTED” to create a business PayPal account.

STEP 3: On the next page, enter a valid email address (make sure is gmail or custom email and not a Yahoo mail).

STEP 4: On the next page, you will required to enter your personal information, enter it using this as an example:

EMAIL: Enter your email address e.g Flushreview@gmail.com

PASSWORD: Enter your password e.g Flushreview$1

BUSINESS NAME: Enter your business name e.g Flushreview

PHONE NUMBER: Change the country to Nigeria and input your Nigeria number e.g 8134560721 (do not start +234 and omit 0).

BUSINESS ADDRESS: Enter your business address e.g Federal Housing Kubwa

CITY/TOWN: Input any details here e.g Kubwa

And after that, skip others and leave your primary currency as USD dollars and agree to their terms and conditions.

STEP 5: After that, PayPal will require you tell them more about your business. Kindly select INDIVIDUAL and choose any category from the options.

STEP 6: After that, you will be taken to account holders information page where you are required to verify who you really are.

Choose NIGERIA as nationality and input your National ID card number or use other options like Driver’s Licence, Passport and others. Just input the ID number on the page. Then, choose your date of birth and click on submit.

Since, you have successfully created a Lesotho PayPal account, kindly check the notifications on your PayPal account and verify your email address by clicking on paypal message link on the email you used in registration.

You have successfully created a Lesotho Paypal account that can send and receive in Nigeria. You can now receive fund from international programs.

For now, you can only receive money but can’t withdraw the money to your Nigeria bank account. Meanwhile, you can sell your PayPal funds for cash to those who want to buy.

But, how can I withdraw fund to my Nigeria bank account?

You have to link your bank account to PayPal to withdraw your fund to Nigeria bank account.

You cannot just link a Nigeria bank account to Lesotho Paypal account, it won’t work, or just try linking your Nigerian bank account if it will work and if it doesn’t, use Africard.

The method that is working is that, if you are using UBA, kindly go to your bank and tell them to give you AFRICARD.

Is like this below:

Then, tap on “Link a debit card” on PayPal and input the Africard details to link the card to your PayPal account. Then, you can start to withdraw your PayPal funds to your bank account here in Nigeria and your PayPal account will be verified.

Make sure you tell UBA bank that you want the Africard to be “internationally high” and also take along your NEPA bills or national ID when going to collect your Africard.

Note: When linking your card, PayPal will charge you $1 and they will send you a verification code within 3 days and after you have verified the code on your PayPal account, they will refund you the $1. Is just for verification.

I hope I have been able to teach you how to create a PayPal account that sends and receives in Nigeria. And also, PayPal account that can withdraw fund to your Nigeria bank account.

Now, If you have anymore questions, kindly let me know about it by dropping it in the comment section below for instant solution.


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