How To Get A Google Voice Number In Nigeria

Google Voice Number In Nigeria


Google Voice number can be used to place a call and receive a call worldwide but is only available in USA. Luckily, you can now acess the number in Nigeria with my new method.

You must have heard about Google Voice Free Number but don’t really know how to get the number? I can show you an exact way on how to access this Google Voice number.

Hold on! The Google Voice number is only available to those in United States of America (USA) but if you live outside the country and you still wish to access this number, I can show you the way.

At first, you have to know what Google Voice number is all about. Google Voice number can be used in calling and receiving calls all over the world predominantly from your computer or web.

There are some online businesses that allows only foreign number and that’s where Google Voice number will come in handy.

You can watch our YouTube Video on how to generate Google Voice number outside the country or outside USA:

If you feel like reading the article, you can proceed below.


STEP 1: Firstly, download Tunnelbear VPN app from playstore and turn on the VPN.

STEP 2: Go to and tap on “GET FREE NUMBER” and on the next page, options will be available for you to choose your number. Pick one number and move to the next step.

STEP 3: Now, you need a real USA number to verify your Google voice number. Simply, download Textplus app on playstore, is now available for Nigerians: you don’t need VPN any longer to keep your Textplus number. Register on the Textplus app and generate a virtual USA number.

STEP 4: Now, copy that USA number you generated on Textplus and paste it on the box to verify your Google voice number.

STEP 5: And also, enter the verification code sent to your Textplus number on your Google voice page.

STEP 6: After that, you have gotten and claimed your Google Voice number!

You can now send and receive messages with your Google Voice USA number all over the world.

To make it more portable:

Now, you can download Google Voice mobile app from playstore while your Tunnelbear VPN app is still connected to enjoy a good experience.

I hope you have successfully gotten your USA number? Do you encounter any issue while getting your Google voice number, kindly ask more questions in the comment section below.


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