How I Got Free 150MB Data And More From Gidimo Mobile App

Gidimo App Review


Gidimo is an e-learning more app that helps students, vocational workers and professionals to learn new courses and get new knowledge on daily basis.

It also offers FREE 150MB data for those who newly install the app and with a referral system to help you earn more.

For some days now, I have not buy any recharge card to subscribe a data plan. Dent has been my source but Gidimo new offer has come to surprise us all.

Gidimo offers free 150MB data for those who install the app on their mobile phones. The data works for only those who use MTN network.

Gidimo is a mobile app which is predominantly built for social learning and it’s specially designed for those who loves to read and answers questions online. There are lot of courses for students, vocational workers, and professionals.

On the app sidebar, there are options which can help you navigate the app properly. The wallet option enables you to access your money on the app which you can use in subscribing to contents or other stuffs you wish to buy on the app.

Gidimo also offers “MY GGs” option. This option is an offer that you can redeem when you earn a certain amount of money called “GIDI” on the app. You can redeem even 300MB, 600MB and 1.2GB data from your wallet.


Gidimo has a referral system that enables users get 400MB per person they invite to the app. The user referred must subscribe to the Senior School Program (SSP) on the app for your data to be released onto you. Moreover, the user who subscribe will also receive free 200MB for subscribing.

Assuming you referred 100 people to the app, you would get up to a whopping 40GB of data.


STEP 1: Firstly, register on the website by CLICKING HERE and make sure you verify your phone number to get instant 50MB data.
STEP 2: Then, go to the app and login as a returning member and you would get 100MB data instantly.
STEP 3: Now, withdraw the data to your number you verified earlier and voilà! That’s all.

Easy right?

Now, you can copy your referrals link and start distributing it to those who will love to participate on the program.

The Data valid for 7 days and can be checked by dialling *460*260# and if you feel like adding more data, you can refer more people or try other methods to trick their program.

I hope this is helpful? If you have any more questions, kindly ask for solution.


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