How To Extend Your Glo 1.2GB For N200 Data Validity To Year 2119

GLO 1.2GB Data Validity Extension Review
  • Speed
  • It Doesn't Zap
  • Activation Speed
  • Extension Speed
  • Validity Verification
  • It Does Not Have Hidden Charges


Glo Special data plan of 1.2GB for N200 helps you perform some activities on the internet at a flexible and cheaper price but the validity is the disadvantage.

Since we have found a way to extend it, that shouldn’t be problem anymore. Learn and enjoy!



Glo unveiled a new special data plan that allows users to subscribe at a cheaper price but the validity was cut short in order to give it a disadvantage. Technically speaking, is to make subscribers move to the official data plans.

That’s a good business idea though.

Who will love to move from 1.2GB data for just N200 to those massive money-burning data plans Glo stocks on their network. Of course, nobody.

That’s why we cracked a trick to extend the validity of the Glo 1.2GB to 2119, instead of the official 3 days we all know about.

Moreover, this trick only work for those on the Glo Yakata or Jumbo tariff plan. It works effectively if only you can activate it.

How Can I Subscribe To Glo 1.2GB For N200?

STEP 1: Firstly, switch off your data connection.

STEP 2: Then, migrate to Glo Yakata tariff plan by dialling *220#. Meanwhile, new customers are already on Glo Yakata or Glo Jumbo. Anyone of the two tariff plans can do it.

STEP 3: Once done, subscribe for the Glo special data by dialling *777# and follow these command prompt 1,1,5,2,1.

STEP 4: After subscribing to Glo special data bundle of 1.2GB for N200 that still valid for 3 days while your data connection is still off, move to the next procedure.

How To Extend The Glo 1.2GB Validity To 2119

STEP 5: Now that you have successfully subscribed to the plan, you can now get a new Glo SIM which you will share your data with. Note, that’s two Glo SIMs now.

STEP 6: On the first SIM you activated the plan, dial *777# and follow these prompts 1,3,1 and by now, you would have already shared your data to the other Glo SIM.

STEP 7: Now, check your data account balance by dialling *127*1#  and wait till you receive a message saying, “you have successfully shared your data.“.

STEP 8: Now, you can switch on your data connection and enjoy your 1.2GB that now valid for 2119.

Can I Use Same Trick To Activate More Than 1.2GB data?

Yes, you can activate more then 1.2GB data bundle. Instead of you to buy a data plan of N1,000 for 1.5GB, you should save that money by using the N1,000 to subscribe up to 7GB of data.

To do that, keep subscribing to the 1.2GB and at the process, keep extending it. All will accumulate and valid for 2119.

Note: The first Glo SIM is the source of the data and you can decides to unshare the data with the second SIM.

I hope this is article helpful? You can drop any complaints below.


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