Airtel Introduces New Binge Data Plan Of 2GB For N500

Airtel 2GB Binge Data For N500 Review


Airtel Binge 2GB data plan for N500 is affordable and reliable for quick use, especially for the heavy internet users who want to quickly install or stream videos online.

It has a lower version of its plan which is the 1GB for N350 but if you decide to step up your game, simple opt for the 2GB version. More affordable and fast.

Is a daily plan but it can’t still limit your decision to stream that file or video you have been anticipating to view.

Airtel previously unveiled a data binge data plan of N350 For 1GB but when they discovered they have annoyed their customers for reducing the night plan, they decided to compensate their subscribers by unveiling 2GB data plan at the price of just N500.


That’s of course a business strategy.

Those who loves to browse, download or stream online contents like games, football live videos and other data consuming stuffs would find this data plan appealing.

If you are the one, those files you have been planning to install on your phone can now be resolved.

Moreover, you may not be happy with the validity period of just a day (1 day) . They supposed to have extended the validity to a week or a month but they know people would demand it more than the official plans. Airtel decided to shorten its validity period.

I think the validity period shouldn’t be a deal breaker for the heavy internet users. If you still feel like keeping your data for a long period of time, simply opt for Airtel official data plans.


STEP 1: It’s simple to activate, kindly dial *141*504# or dial *141# and follow the on-screen command.

STEP 2: You would see two options: 1GB for N350 and 2GB for N500. Choose the one that best suite your personal need. All valid for a day.

STEP 3: VoilĂ ! You have activated the Airtel 2GB Binge plan. Now, minimize and start surfing the internet till mama calls.

What’s your say about this new Airtel Binge data plan? Do you have any more questions, kindly drop them below for instant answer.

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