How To Activate 4GB Data Every Week On MTN And Airtel Networks

Airtel And MTN 4G 4GB Data Review
  • Activation Speed
  • Works On All Apps
  • Is A Normal Data Plan
  • It Doesn't Zap
  • It Works Only On 4G LTE Devices
  • No Restrictions


Airtel and MTN unleashed the 4GB 4G LTE bonuses to entice and bring new customers to their networks. It’s a business strategy and at the same time, you have to use trick to get more from them.


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There is a way you can keep getting FREE 4GB data weekly on MTN and Airtel networks but it has requirements and is manual.

If you can provide the prerequisites, you will enjoy Free 4GB data on weekly basis.

Hold on! The 4GB is a normal data and it doesn’t zap. It can be activated on iPhones, Tablets, Androids, and many others.

You may have asked, “What are the requirements?“…

  1. You need to have a 4G enabled device.
  2. You need SIMS for swapping.
  3. You need different 4G enabled devices.
  4. You need MTN and Airtel 4G coverage in your area.

Officially, MTN and Airtel announced that they will keep giving 4GB data for anybody who upgraded their SIM to 4G. And it’s true, they are still giving the data.

Why Should I Activate This 4GB data, Does It Save My Expenses?

Yes, it saves your expenses. MTN and Airtel 4GB official plans are about N3,000+ but the activation of this 4GB data won’t cost you up to N400, if you have the requirements already.

How To Activate This 4GB Data On MTN And Airtel

Get a new Airtel or MTN 4G LTE SIM or if you already have old SIM, just enter the nearest MTN or Airtel office and do SIM SWAP. This will upgrade your old SIM to a new one but you will still retain your old number.

Now, insert that 4G SIM to a 4G LTE device and you will receive 4GB data instantly. This data valid for 7 days (weekly) but you can keep repeating the step for more data.

How Many Times Does It Activate On A 4G Phone?

The data only activates once on a 4G phone. You need more 4G phones as well as SIM. But you can make everything faster by using your friends 4G phone for activation and returning the SIM back to your phone after receiving the 4GB data.

And also, you can keep buying Airtel or MTN SIM for just N200 for the activation of the 4GB data. I know is stressful but it worth it.

How Can I Know My Phone Supports 4G Network?

It’s easy, kindly go to your Phone’s Settings>>Mobile Network>>Preferred network and you will see 4G LTE and sometimes, some phones shows only LTE.

That means, you got a 4G Enabled device.

How Can I Check My 4GB Data Balance?

You can always check your MTN or Airtel 4G bonus data balance by dialling *559*444# (MTN) and *140# (Airtel).

Wait! Airtel Still Offers 25% data bonus for 4G LTE Users

If you are a 4G LTE SIM user on Airtel network, you will get additional 25% data bonus for the next 3 months. The bonuses are only usable on 4G LTE network. And note that, MTN doesn’t offer more.

What If I Don’t Have A 4G Device After Activation?

Get a universal mobile hotspot that accepts all SIMS and plug in your Airtel or MTN SIM. Share the hotspot to your 3G or 2G device and enjoy!

I hope I have been able to answer some of your questions concerning the 4GB 4G LTE data bonus? You can drop more in the comment section below for instant answer.


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